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Healthy Lives, Resilient Futures

Our Approach

The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City Teen Center is a well-known safe haven where teens receive supportive services that include educational, recreational, and motivational opportunities to develop into leaders within the community. 

Currently the Teen Center provides: mentoring, academic enrichment, leadership development, financial literacy education, sports & recreation as well as healthy snacks and meals Monday through Friday






Through the CHEC initiative Behavioral Health Services will be offered beginning in January 2022. BGCAC is utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to address the challenges faced by our teens and families. 

The Mission of the Wellness Center is to use a holistic approach in helping teens, families and community members achieve optimal well-being physically, socially, mentally, and financially. By providing exemplary support through education, mental and health promotion services, our goal is to help people establish stability in their home life, financial literacy, mental resilience, and leadership skills in their social network. With collaborative efforts we hope to eliminate barriers as it pertains to social determinants by encouraging healthy living. Through engaging our community partners, enhanced resources, training and implementing programming, the wellness center will empower people to create a thriving life for themselves within Atlantic City and enrich our leaders of tomorrow.  

The Wellness Center

The Boys & Girls of Atlantic City Wellness Center provides a strength based, trauma informed approach providing case management that will support teens emotional and behavioral wellbeing. This will entail counseling opportunities to teens individual and as a group, linkages to additional services and resources when necessary.

Who Are We?

Director of Behavioral Health Services –  Social Worker, One case manager, and Stockton University Social Work Interns

What We Do?

Offer Behavioral Health Services/ Trauma Informed Case Management: Assisting teens in reaching self-sufficiency by addressing their emotional/behavioral health needs and providing them with strategies and tools to support their success. 

"We also need to talk about having a good time." - Dr. George James​

The 5 love languages - Vanessa De Jesus Guzman

"Now everything can't be positive" - Dr. Tracey Marks

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Director of Behavioral Health Services

David Pringle

Behavioral Health Case Manager

Erika Cors, BS

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What is


Trauma is a person’s emotional response to a distressing event. These events are often sudden, unpredictable, involve a serious threat to life and feel beyond a person’s control (apa.org).

Traumatic experiences can ignite strong emotional and physical reactions that can last well after the triggering event has ended (nctsn.org)