Club Student Expectations

Teen Volunteers

Likely to Attend College

Employee Dedication


To provide resources for the development of young people, from all backgrounds – to realize their full potential as responsible & caring adults

The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City…

Is For Boys & Girls!

We stand by our values of being accepting of all races, religions, and ethnic cultures due to our view on unity positive relationships, & love for one another.

Has Full-Time Professional Leadership!

Our staff is supplemented by part-time workers and volunteers.

Builds Character!

Our club programs help to instill good character traits in boys and girls, even those youth in danger of acquiring unacceptable habits and attitudes.

Assures That ALL Young People Can Afford To Belong!

Membership dues are kept low, so that all can afford to belong, no one will be deterred from joining.

Is Building-Centered!

Activities are conducted in the warm, friendly atmosphere of facilities especially designed for such programs.

Is Non-Sectarian & Has An Open Door Policy!

Our club is open to all members during its regular hours of operation!

Has Diversified Programs That Work!

The Club recognizes and responds to the collective and individual needs of your people, utilizing nationally-recognized educational and recreational programs that have proven effective over many years.

Is Guidance-Oriented!

The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City emphasizes positive values in the relationships members have with each other and their adult leaders. We help boys and girls make appropriate and satisfying choices in their physical, eductional, personal, and social lives.

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